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Social Commitment by Bio Green

Soziales Engagement

Bio Green looks back on a successful business year. We owe this to our loyal customers.

At this point, we would like to thank you for your confidence in our products and our company! As an active part of society, not only do we want to be economically, but also socially, successful. In 2016, we therefore donated to the following organizations:


Doctors Without Borders

Wars, epidemics and natural catastrophes still claim victims and affect countless people. The organization Doctors Without Borders is committed to this cause, providing for people who are in distress worldwide, irrespective of ethnic origin, political conviction or religion. Through medical and psychological help, public relations and the running of nutrition centers, many lives have already been saved!

Fire Service Niederweidbach

Firefighters risk their lives several times a day in order to save people from flames and to extinguish fires. The fires are mainly caused by a lack of knowledge about fire protection and fire behavior. Early fire protection education can save lives! The Niederweidbach Fire Department campaigns with targeted campaigns for education in schools and is committed to the future of the voluntary fire brigades!

RRT Rapid Relief Team - Help in Need

Earthquakes, extreme weather, forest fires and droughts once again dominated the media headlines this year. Many people have been hit by natural catastrophes. Engaged volunteers showed exemplary commitment in disaster areas and looked after victims and their relatives. The "RRT Rapid Relief Team" has set itself the task to support these assistants in their mission and provides them with food and drinks.

House of Learning

Digitization and globalization are the expression of the increasingly rapid change in our society. The ability to acquire new content independently, to think flexibly and, to adapt quickly to new circumstances is now more important than ever! The House of Learning has the educational goal of enabling pupils to become lifelong learners with a focus on responsible behavior.

ADS Weidenhausen

Education is the capital of the future! The Adolf-Diesterweg-Schule (ADS) in Weidenhausen stands for self-sustaining, socially responsible learning without any performance pressure. Highly educated teachers, Knowledgeable staff and dedicated volunteers create a space where children can feel well, enjoy learning and unfold their potential freely in this Hessian primary school. 

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