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...for the perfect growing environment.

Propagating your own plants is very enjoyable and highly rewarding. Maybe you’re taking cuttings from ageing geraniums to produce new blooms, or perhaps you’re just sowing a bed of summer flowers. 


Simply seeing plants grow and flourish is a pleasure in itself. It is also worth remembering that propagating plants yourself can save you a considerable amount of money – and the larger your garden, the tighter your budget is likely to be. If you’re trying to propagate plants at home, you will find that young plants can only germinate and develop properly if they are kept warm enough. Most plants germinate at around 18° - 20°C (64 - 68°F), however, some plants such as cucumbers, peppers and melons need a temperature of at least 22°C (72°F) and preferably 25°C (77°F) to germinate.

If cuttings and seeds are particularly sensitive they will benefit from localised heat. High humidity is equally important for successful germination. If the surrounding air is not humid enough, the plant tissues will not develop. Bio Green have developed a range of high quality innovative products to help you with propagation, and make germination a success.

By using Bio Green propagation equipment you will be able to provide ideal conditions for all seeds and cuttings, therefore we guarantee that even if you’re a beginner in gardening you will be a success. Our products are used and tested by thousands of amateur gardeners throughout the U.K. and Europe.

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