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Bio Green… and it grows. We promise.

Bio Green. Und es wächst.. Versprochen!

Welcome to a world where people and nature meet, a world where everything is abundant. Learn how to use the abundance of nature to bring more balance, health and harmony to your life.


Welcome to the Bio Green World 

We are people like you, close to nature and garden lovers. That's why we've developed products that bring you a bit closer to nature, too.

Raised beds that transform your garden or balcony into a wondrous oasis. Greenhouses in which your plants are protected and can thrive.

Propagators that allow you to grow seedlings and exotic plants. Heating mats and plant lamps which ensure optimum temperature and light conditions.

All this and much more awaits you in our online shop of Bio Green World.

But that's not all. In our blog, we give you all the information you need for successful plant cultivation.

Browse through our greenhouse guides and get the best tips for growing plants like a pro in the greenhouse.

In our raised bed advisor, you will learn everything about the perfect location, the right filling and optimal plant cultivation in your raised bed.

In the category City Gardening, we explain how to conjure up the necessary green between gray concrete blocks.

Hochbeet Aufbau

We know how crucial nature is for our well-being. Bright flowers, fresh vegetables and soothing herbs are balm for our souls.

At Bio Green, we want you to be able to enjoy the daily benefits of soothing nature, regardless of where you live. We provide you with your own little garden oasis and everything you need for it.

High quality products, useful information and fabulous customer service. All this is only available at Bio Green.

What are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the wondrous world of Bio Green... and it grows. We promise. 

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