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Bio Green Quality

Biogreen Qualität

Choose Only the Best and make plant breeding enjoyable. You should always choose a Bio Green product. When it comes to heaters, air circulators, irrigation systems or lighting, your plants would also choose Bio Green.


Small Greenhouses

A small greenhouse is the coronation of your gardening hobby. Whether aluminum, steel, wood, foil, glass or plastic, the right usage is the key. Your small greenhouse can shorten or prolong the cultivation by weeks. It allows you to safely reap warm-season vegetables such as cucumbers, peppers or melons, cultivate sunflowers and breed orchids, regardless of the weather. The prerequisite for optimal use is a heater in your small greenhouse. Not only plants that are cultivated throughout the year, but also spring cultivation, requires additional warmth. A heater will allow to sow the seeds of a variety of summer flowers and some types of vegetables as of January.

Greenhouse Heaters

A small greenhouse without heating is very limited in use. On the other hand, heating naturally raises costs. However, these can also be kept to a minimum. In order to be able to operate the hobby greenhouse heating system economically, it must be controllable. This is, however, very difficult with oil and petroleum machinery. On the other hand, it is easy to implement with the help of electric or gas-powered greenhouse heaters. The more precisely the temperature control works, the higher the energy saved while heating a greenhouse.

Greenhouse heating can only be cost-effective in the long term if it is energy-saving. Appliances with simple thermostats and high temperature differences waste a lot of energy. Bio Green devices operate with precision thermostats and a control accuracy of approx. +/- 0.5 ° C. That way the energy consumption is precisely regulated, resulting in high savings, making the investment in the equipment worthwhile. The Bio Green gas heaters radiate heat evenly by means of a safe combustion with a catalyst without carbon monoxide (CO), but with growth-promoting carbon dioxide (CO2). The electrical heaters reach an extraordinary high fan performance which uniformly distributes the heat throughout the greenhouse. High heat emission to the outside through inaccurate control is thus a thing of the past.

Made in Europe

Bio Green Greenhouse Heaters - "Made in Europe" - of course we offer you advice and customer service regarding our heaters. We know how important the protection of your plants is. We provide reliable, long-term usability and safety for you and your plants.

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